Graham Thompson - Alan's Jars

Release Date:  Unknown    ||    Catalogue Number: NEDD02


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  1. Graham's Message
  2. Fucking Hat
  3. Sunday Monkey
  4. Alan's Jars
  5. Peter's Cellar
  6. The Silver Spiral Staircase
  7. Television Times
  8. Anal Staircase
  9. The Owl and the Haemorrhage
  10. Dog Boy
  11. What Did You See Today?
  12. Toilet Trouble

Spoken Word Stream


National Elf are proud to present Alan’s Jars - a collection of spoken word pieces by Graham Thompson. Graham is a poet and wordsmith from the Croydon area, he has been writing since last December. He describes his style as ‘turning on the tape machine and seeing what comes out’. What comes out I’m sure you’ll agree is rather special. His free flowing stream of conscience style of wordplay invokes a rollercoaster of emotions; vivid portrayals of everyday life will strike a chord in the hardest of hearts, his witty verse and bittersweet reminiscing will bring a smile to the saddest of faces. This is the sound of a man bearing his soul and searching for meaning within the choas of everyday existence. A very bright future awaits him. Enjoy

  • Photo by Kirsten McTernan
  • Ⓟ & © National Elf 2011


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